THE HAUNTED HOSPITAL sits atop Hospital Hill in
Scottsville KY. It's transition to its current state all
began around 1993 when a corporation purchased
the Allen County War Memorial Hospital. With plans  
to move to a new building, by 1996 it was
abandoned, some things were intentionally left
behind some have just refused to leave...
 For almost 20 years, every night as darkness falls over the hilltop at the end of
Hillview Drive, in what appears to be a dead abandoned building, some form of life
seems to take over.  The War Memorial Hospital built in the late 40s and opened in the
early 50s was bought in 1993 and closed in 1996 when the new hospital was built. Now
it seems strangely out of place.  

On some nights with full moons the windows appear to be eyes staring into the
darkness and become as the old saying states “windows to the soul” of the old
hospital.  A lot of the old equipment still remains and stands as a witness to the past of
this institution.  When the move came in 1996 some things were taken out of the old
hospital, some things refused to leave.

For years tales have been told of the mysteries of the “haunted hospital.”  For many
the stories have been enough to keep them out of the building, but for a few the
strange happening in the old hospital can be explained as moonlight, wind or a setting
building.  Few will enter the abandoned building in the daytime, even fewer seek out
the “realities” of the night, strange echoes through time of the hospitals tragic history.  
Memories of voices from the past, sad, pitiful memories even more tragic in death than
in life.  The hospital has been the site of more deaths in Allen County than any other
site.  The CCU (Critical Care Unit) has been a witness of too numerous medical deaths
to record.  The ER (Emergency Room) has witnessed thousands of noble attempts to
save victims of accidents, suicides, and yes, even murders.  No place in the county
has served as the threshold between life and the hereafter more than this noble eerie
building. Could there be a link between these lost souls and the fact that the hospital
was built over a large sink hole?

The hospital started as a vision of hope. Built after World War II, the community
envisioned a place of healing and restoration, but many families also saw the other
side, the realism of anguish and despair of sickness, trauma, and death.  The building
has been witness to both, bodies mended and lives extinguished, of miracles in the
medical field and of human suffering.  With the promise of a new hospital the county
gave the old War Memorial Hospital to a corporation in Bowling Green and construction
began on the new hospital.

For many of the original community leaders and hundreds of former staff members,
the closure of the hospital was a sad event for Scottsville, a loss of community identity
as the Regional Hospital took over at the new hospital.  The former employees and the
families of patients treated at the Allen County Hospital will always hold pleasant
memories of co-workers and amusing stories.  But for others it will be a place of
suffering. For some the suffering didn’t end with the hospital closing.  While the
hospital was open it was not unusual for new employees to experience strange
happenings, it also didn’t take long for the older employees to explain to the new
recruit “Oh that’s just Dr. Meredith, he haunts this hospital.”  Among the unexplained
were doors slamming, people locked in rooms, unexplained water on floors, objects
moving and  nurses hearing babies cry in the O.B. even when there were no babies in
the hospital.  Since the county did not have a morgue, it was not uncommon for the
recent  dead to be “held” in a room off of the emergency room or beside the operating
room for their assigned trip to Louisville for an autopsy or their move to one of the
local funeral homes.  The trips were often scheduled for the next morning, meaning
the bodies were “kept” over night, for most, these bodies remained motionless and
still, but now in a mist of the extreme darkness that engulf the abandoned hospital, can
anyone know for sure that all of the bodies remain still.  For the last several years,
stories have been reported of strange flashes of lights, slamming doors, a child’s
voice, babies crying, objects moving; . . .  sound familiar?  Did Dr. Meredith refuse to
leave? Did the little girl in the print dress that used to visit the dying hours before their
death finish her task?  Did the murder and suicide victims find their peace?  You be the

Perhaps these sighting and stories are merely former staff member’s imagination or
born out of the youthful inexperience by teenagers seeking cheap thrills, hatched in
the darkness and chill of a trespassed building.  After all it’s just a brick and mortar
building encased in neglect and darkness.  But for those of us who have worked in this
building over the years, both when it was functioning as a source of medical care, and
now in an attempt to preserve the abandoned building, its more than that.  As shadows
decline on the hospital and darkness begins to encase the hill top and the hospital is
engulfed in the darkness that seems to grip the structure.  The darkness doesn’t come
alone.  It brings something back to the hospital, not easily explained.  Whether alive or
dead or something in between, those who have witnessed occurrences believe it is
the troubled victims from the past searching for the release and healing they didn’t
receive in life. According to locals they are part of Scottsville’s folklore of the creatures
of night at “The Haunted Hospital.”